Thursday, June 14, 2012

South Korea: Jeju - Jeju LoveLand (18SX)

Refer back to my plan, we decided to visit Jeju LoveLand the 1st night when we step on Jeju.

I believe if you're taking tour, you won't have chance to visit the place, mostly because this is 18SX!!

Oh, i called Jeju LoveLand with another name too, the Sex Museum!!!

I been the Sex Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, but compare to the one in Jeju, the latter is way more interesting, and informative! haha.

Jeju LoveLand divide to 2 parts, the outdoor and indoor. The outdoor with giant artistic statue about sex, while the indoor is mini cartoon-alike status.

We decide to go by night time because of we don't have better choice in the 1st night that we're in Jeju, and the operation hours is till midnight, plus the outdoor statue lighting will be on, that should be nice.

But WE ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not sure with the previous year, but end of March is still VERY COLD although the people consider it is spring already.

Strong wind chill make us keep our hands in the pocket almost all the time, EXCEPT Kuan, he dying to take all the statue photos because he think that is so cool.

And that i hints to you that half of the photos are from Kuan, he's the only one out of 5 of us who took all the photos, while we're yelling to him to get into the warm indoor everything he sex with the statue.

Opps, he takes photo with the statue. Hehe.

Before go to the photos, basic info about Jeju LoveLand.

How to go: 
Our choice is taxi, that's not near at all from Jeju-si, take us like half hour to reach, that's located in rural area, we cross all the uphill road.
If not mistake, the taxi fares is like 10k won, equal to bout RM30 here.

How to go back!!!!!!:
This is my biggest concern when we decided to go LoveLand by night time! I worry there are no taxi to fetch us back.
But as we leaving in 11pm, few taxi is waiting in the taxi station to get the late-visit passenger. So nothing to worry about.

The entry fees: 
9000won per person, i believe no discount. But i tell you what, worth for it. Worth than Teddy Bear Museum!!!(detail will be in next post~)

The operation hour: 
9am to 11pm

Lastly, the website (in English!!!!!!):

Way more informative than what i'm given, including the map, so if you rent a car and local gps, just key in the phone number, the gps will bring you the way.

Oh last-lastly!!

My Advice: 
If you're goin to LoveLand in March or winter...
And the lighting make almost all the photos blur, but i cant deny the statues look so artistic with all the lighting la.

Gent. I love the knob

I like this knob the most! 

See, so blur, but its nice to  see it in real 

sex have to based on love juga :D

When i said giant status, i meant it. That's Kuan, he molests almost every statues. 

Any size at your choice :D

Artistic right!

I'm not busy. Haha

Piggy with love! <3

LoveLand is big, and with a lake, and a  pair of leg.  

Giant gugu. Hehe
There are a lot more statues in the outdoor, we're all exciting to take photo in the first 10 minutes, and later we keep our hands in pocket, except Kuan, as i said earlier.

So almost all the photos below are under copyright of Kuan.

Up on a building

I don't know what does it mean, i'm pure. 

and this too. 

Is she delivering child?

Awww papa, mountain with pink peak!

couple of souvenir shop in the area too., 

Indoor! Finally!

See all this mini statue, so real! 

Like watching tv. 

Very lifely. 

Even the expression is good too. 

is this what always happening huh?

papa mama! what're you doing?

See the expression!


Even the detail is good.

Mermaid needs sex too,

A lot to see. 

In the apartment theme

In HanMuZhen, the Korea traditional sauna

The toilet 1

The toilet 2

The hotel room 1

The hotel room 2

For girls

for both

for guys

for girls again

There are something not vivid too. 

wooden gugu :D

Then we back to outside again. Damn 


This is how the outdoor looks like during night time

Is this pose possible?

Artistic right

Ok i wanna see this pose in real. Haha

Kuan is dreaming. Silly boy. 

haha like red carpet 

Queen, LOL

and slave. 

Okies people, here i kill another post in Jeju. The next one will be some very nice natural photos, the falls, the mountain, the flower, the green, and the FOOD!

I guess the next 5 posts will be korea still. I will pick up a little bit and rush it out.

But what i can tell you is there will be no new post next week, because i will be spending the week in Combodia, Siem Reap.

Yea, you can expecting Siem Reap post after Korea. =)

Thanks for support!

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  1. why its from 18 years!!!!!!

    1. because the law. If you have mature looking, you may try your luck, they're not checking everyone.

  2. How much for the taxi fare going back to the hotel (Jeju-si)?