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Malaysia: Negeri Sembilan - The Dusun Review

So John's last birthday, err.. i mean in 2013 (yea i know my last post was last year) i planned him a semi-surprise birthday getaway. 

Why semi? Because he figured out a few days before we departed =.=, yet he didn't know where the place is.

Instead of going abroad, i decided to make it a quality weekend retreat getaway (ok because i had limited budget LOL).

Sekeping Serendah in Rawang or Awanmulan in Seremban always pop up first when talk about retreat destination that not far from KL, but i do think both are overprice probably because of both are really well-known.

As a backpacker (ahem, used to. Now more like a flashpacker), i trust my research more than others, and luckily i did so that i found the below retreat that i'm gonna introduce, The Dusun.

The Dusun is located near Seremban, probably 45 minutes away from the KL. Its run by a foreign family who owned / stayed in dusun / orchard on hill.

They built their home and added a few more kampung / village styles houses in the past 10 to 20 years to open from short stay for visitors like us.

And the crucial point to made me booked a house which on the pool side was every houses (just 5 to 6 anyway) attached with a full equipped kitchen with basic seasoning and a BBQ pit for free use.

One of his birthday celebration highlight was self-cooked lunch and dinner, so this is perfect for me.

Well if you wanna know more, please click here for houses and price.

We checked-in to Berembun House (the house with best view) on Sunday and out in Monday, cost me RM400 per night.

And i click in to the website for quick check, well weekday is RM400 and weekend is RM500 now. 

Ok hold your breath and lets scroll down for awesome The Dusun!
up hill way

2 entrances to different houses.

first sight of our cute little cottage!

2nd closer look to our place!

this is breath taking!

ahhhh... what a wonderful Sunday!

Before the room, this is the outdoor kitchen!

just everything you need

including seasoning!

Room is clean and cozy! Noted that no air-con because night is chill in the jungle!

The first thing i did after check-in was prepared lunch, while John was jump in to the pool.

We had spaghetti bolognese with fried chicken and fresh fruit soda by the pool side with amazing forest view like below.

this is amazing.

our lunch
Pool is refreshing but a bit cool for me, i afraid not kids friendly.

Dusun has 2 swimming pools, one is right beside Berembun house, and another one near Perling House. Both are open for the guests in Dusun.

John enjoyed very much.
till he cant help to get closer with the view LOL
While i prefer walk around the place and take photo. 

common area where to have breakfast (every stay including yummy local breakfast!)

Berembun house from another point of view. 

There is a BBQ pit in every houses, you can just do it right in front your house so more privacy.

Unlike the other retreat, the use of BBQ pit is free as well as charcoal and set up.

set and ready to burn!!!!!!!!!

food for the night, just 2 of us, a big bowl of fresh garden salad was on the way.


and we saw several planes in our dinner time. 

We had a wonderful night in Dusun with great food, beer, a skyful of stars with peaceful and quiet mountain view. 

Worth every penny that i spent. 

Alright next morning, woken by beautiful bird singing and headed for breakfast in common area! 

Oh yea you can let them send your breakfast to your house too!

Nasi lemak! Nasi in another container! 

had our breakfast with the owner's grandson :D
No one know The Dusun in 2013 yet today this little hidden gem has become one of the most popular retreat.

I'm really glad that the owner hold their ground and not expanding the place, guest privacy and peace environment always goes first.

Noted that they have very strict house rule like never accommodate extra people in one house (the max capacity for the biggest house is 5 adult) because comfortable and peace are priority.

The Dusun provides a quality stay so we should do our part that to be a quality guest.

If you have limited budget and time to celebrate some special occasion with special one, this is my all time recommendation favorite 

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