Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Blog turned 8, and temporary closed till further notice

Hi readers :), 

This is the first post in the past eight months. It is also the longest break that I had in the past eight years being a blogger. 

I started this blog when I was doing my degree in Liverpool, UK. I need a channel to records my first ever oversea experiences and it slowly turned to be a blog that recorded my experiences in travelling to other countries.

For the past eight years, I considered myself a good blogger despite sometimes I still received harsh comments on my English. Hey, being a Chinese educated Asian likes me, blog in other language than Chinese was not easy, and I never gave up because I know what doesn't kill you will eventually makes you stronger. 

I got lesser harsh comments nowadays, and same goes to I got lesser blog updates in recent years after I joined a mainstream paper as a writer. 

However, the changing of job was not the reason of lesser updates, nor that i didn't travel as much as i used to. 

The "why do I continue" and "does anyone really care" feelings made me stop and think, should i continue to blog? 

I can't think an answer. I thought maybe I should just end this and make this blog a memory. 

But my heart aches whenever i wanted to press delete blog. Building a blog is hard, terminate it is as easy as a click. 

No, I do not have a decision yet. I hope someday in the future i found the reason to continue blog. But for time being, here is temporary closed. 

I hope someday I will be motivated to share some interesting places that i went and experiences that i gained in my journey of travelling. 

In fact after Japan in July 2014, I went to Taiwan (again), Sydney (two times in half year), Bandung, Medan, Samui (again), Krabi (two times in a year), Bangkok and ChiangRai. 

But yeah, till we meet again through my words in the future. 

Thank you for reading, see you again. 



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